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Saying What You Want March 27, 2008

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I attended a seminar at work this week about saying what you want. I’m not usually into those kind of things, but I didn’t let my skepticism put me off and was pleasantly suprised with what I learnt. 

We made a list of the things that stop us from saying what we want. On my list I came up with the following: lack of confidence and shyness, worrying about the other person’s reaction, fear of offending the person, not achieving the desired results, lack of knowledge and inability to answer other people’s questions.

It became clear that this was far more applicable to me as a christian who wants to share the gospel, than in a business context where most things I deal with aren’t emotive.

Using the list we made, we had to think of solutions to overcome these barriers. We thought about the following…stepping out of our comfort zone, looking for positive role models who are able to say what they want, not presuming what the other person’s reaction may be, not taking their reaction personally, realising that you don’t have to know all of the answers. Again, so applicable to sharing the gospel.

And what better role model do we have than Jesus himself!

The great comfort is that we don’t have to find the words on our own as God will guide us in our conversations if we ask Him. If I only put into this into practice more. I so often try to do things in my own strength with no thought of God. I almost have to teach myself to want, to want to let Him in.


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